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What To Expect During a Camera Inspection?


For homeowners dealing with recurring clogs or mysterious plumbing issues, a camera inspection offers an invaluable glimpse inside the pipes. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we provide quality plumbing repair service options for local customers, including sewer line replacement and sewer camera inspection. Our team understands how frustrating plumbing issues can be, and we're here to shed light on the process of camera inspections.

Pinpointing the Problem

If you experience frequent clogs slow drains, or suspect there’s a more serious problem like a broken pipe or tree root intrusion, a camera inspection can provide a clear diagnosis. These inspections are also highly beneficial during home inspections before purchasing a property, ensuring there are no hidden plumbing issues that could lead to costly repairs in the future. Plumbing systems are often complex and hidden behind walls or underground, making it difficult to identify the root cause of problems without the aid of technology. Traditional methods of diagnosing plumbing issues often involve a lot of guesswork and invasive procedures that can be both time-consuming and costly. Camera inspections eliminate this uncertainty by providing a visual inspection of the interior of your pipes. Using advanced technology, a small, waterproof camera is attached to a flexible rod, which is then fed through the pipes. This allows plumbers to see real-time footage of the interior of your pipes so they can identify any blockages, cracks, or leaks.

The Inspection Process

Understanding the camera inspection process can alleviate any concerns you might have. Initially, the plumber will locate the access point to insert the camera. This is usually a cleanout, an accessible area where the camera can easily be fed into the plumbing system. If no cleanout is available, they might use a drain opening, like a sink or toilet drain. Before the camera inspection begins, the plumber will answer any questions you might have. This step is critical in ensuring that you feel comfortable and informed about what’s happening. The plumber will then insert a camera into the access point and begin navigating through the pipes. As the camera moves, it sends back clear, high-resolution images to a monitor, allowing both the plumber and homeowner to see the condition of the plumbing system.

The Benefits of Camera Inspections

Camera inspections provide peace of mind by clearly showing the state of your plumbing system. For homeowners dealing with recurring issues, seeing the problem firsthand can be reassuring, as it validates the need for repairs and prevents unnecessary interventions. Camera inspections can help property owners save money in the long run, too. Accurately identifying the problem allows plumbers to avoid costly and disruptive exploratory digging or guesswork repairs. This precision allows for targeted fixes, which are more efficient and cost-effective. Regular inspections can also help maintain the overall health of your plumbing system, ensuring it continues to function efficiently for years to come.

Post-Inspection Recommendations

Once the camera inspection is complete, the plumber will review the footage with you and explain their findings. This discussion will include a detailed report of any issues detected, along with recommended solutions. For instance, if the inspection reveals tree root intrusion, the plumber might suggest hydro-jetting to clear the roots and prevent further damage. If a pipe is cracked or broken, pipe relining or a sewer line replacement might be recommended. During the post-inspection review, the plumber will likely show you footage of any problem areas and explain the severity of each issue. Visual evidence can be incredibly helpful in understanding the necessary repairs and prioritizing them accordingly. The plumber will also provide an estimate for any recommended repairs, giving you a clear idea of the costs involved.

What Camera Inspections Can’t Do

While camera inspections are highly effective, it’s important to understand their limitations. The camera can show what’s inside the pipes, but it cannot repair the issues it finds. It’s a diagnostic tool, not a fix. Severe blockages might prevent the camera from passing through, requiring initial clearing of the blockage before a full inspection can be conducted. While the camera can identify issues like cracks or blockages, it cannot always determine the exact cause of the problem. For instance, it can show tree roots but not the type of tree causing the intrusion. Despite these limitations, camera inspections remain a valuable tool in any plumber’s arsenal, providing critical information.

Do You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection or Plumbing Repair Service?

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and transparency. Camera inspections are a key part of our commitment to providing thorough, accurate, and efficient plumbing services. If you’re experiencing unexplained plumbing issues or want to ensure your system is in top condition, consider scheduling a camera inspection with us.

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